Campus Ministry

Being at a world-class, large, urban campus, we have many unique opportunities to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ: friends in dorms, classmates, Greek houses, professors, co-workers, international students, and more.

International Students

MSP is the temporary home to over 10,000 International students who have come the US with high hopes and high expectations of learning American culture and gaining skills that will benefit their families and home nations. For some, the window of time is short but the potential impact is far reaching. Representing the best and brightest, many return home with the potential to impact families, relational networks and entire countries.

Young Adults

As Navigators 20s, we’re committed to growing in four pursuits: Christ, work, mission, and community. We seek to follow Jesus in all we do and all we are. We aspire to honor God in our work and recognize it as a way that he’s revealing himself to us and to the world. We believe that disciples of Christ are also called to make disciples wherever they go. And we acknowledge the importance of living and ministering alongside like-hearted brothers and sisters in Christ.

Church Discipleship Ministries​

“7.5 Million Americans have ‘Lost their Religion’ Since 2012” read the title of a December 2017 article in the Huffington Post. Our local paper the Star Tribune published a series on changing religious identities and dying churches in 2018. So, in the 21stcentury, do churches still matter? Navigator Church Ministries (NCM) is responding to the new realities with a resounding, “Yes!”


Our vision is to see workers for the Kingdom next door to everyone who are partnering with God and others to transform families, neighborhoods, and communities all across America. We believe in the importance of people (families, affinity groups, other relational connections) and of place (neighborhoods, communities, towns, and cities). We believe God is transforming not merely individuals but communities as well. We want to join him in that.

Nations Within​

Nations Within is committed to building a more cohesive mosaic of people within the United States for the purpose of advancing the Gospel, one stunning piece—or person—at a time. We focus on peoples within the United States who have a primary cultural or national identity distinct from the majority culture. These distinctions can be in ethnicity, religion, or season of life (such as recent immigrants or refugees). Others simply retain their distinct identity by choice.