Anthony Bass

Race at the Throne of Christ 

How would Jesus have us live and relate with a posture of humility, deference, and family that would stand out in our culture?

Growing up in West Virginia, Anthony Bass was a gifted athlete and fierce competitor. In 1998 Bass was signed on as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings. That year, the former #32 was a standout defensive back and part of the team’s amazing 15-1 season.  Anthony Bass has been blessed with several opportunities to share God’s Word as the featured speaker at many churches, Bible studies and a variety of organizations both nationally and internationally.

Susie Brooks

Finding Hope and Strength in God’s Promises

Trusting God is easy when all the pieces in our life’s puzzle fall together. We are called to live a life of expectant faith and persevering prayer rooted in the promises of God. But what if God’s idea of ministry made no sense to anyone else but us? Would we stand alone? Could we survive the test of time when our work seems to bear no visible fruit?

This workshop will offer practical tips on how to remain grounded and faithful even through the most trying times. Biblical and contemporary examples will serve as a backdrop to this highly interactive session.

Susie has been involved with The Navigators since 1986. She served high school and community ministries in Kenya and collegiate ministries in England and the Netherlands. As a product of rape, and orphaned at age 6, Susie ended up in an abusive home where she was repeatedly told she would never amount to anything. Susie tells her story of inner healing, being assured of Christ’s love, and growing in trust through her 2006 autobiography, “He Really is My Father. Susie lives in North Branch with her husband Steve and their son Seraiah. She also is founder and head of school at Veritas Academy, a private, classical Pre-K—12 Christian school.

Alec Glass

Making Christ Known to Young Adults: Why young people are leaving the church and what to do about it

Twenty-somethings are the least church-going age group in our nation. Studies reveal that every year more people identify as “Nones” – those with no religious affiliation. While in the past, young adults who drifted in college often returned when they got married and had kids, this is happening less, too. What is leading young people to disassociate with faith communities? Do they still have interest in Jesus, faith, and spirituality? How can we reach and engage them meaningfully right where they are?

After graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in Civil Engineering, Alec traveled to Kenya, Uganda, and Liberia doing design work with Engineering Ministries International. He subsequently did two years of collegiate ministry with The Navigators at the University of Wyoming before moving to Seattle to pursue a missional enterprise as a bar manager at a neighborhood pub, where he also worked part-time at a local church. Having lived in Minneapolis for 5 years now, he graduated from Bethel Seminary with an MA in Theological Studies and leads the Navigators 20s Ministry both locally in the Twin Cities and nationally.

Randy Grabau

Enhancing Personal Bible Study

This workshop will focus on developing a deeper knowledge of the teachings and the stories found in God’s Word.  It will include methods and practical ideas to help the individual student seek and uncover the treasures God has included in His Word.  Such purposeful study enhances one’s own relationship with our Lord and fosters the ability to effectively communicate to others the truths of God’s Word.

Randy Grabau spent about forty years operating a small dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota.  His experience with The Navigators in his college years and after motivated him to study God’s Word personally and to teach it in groups and to individuals. A key motivating Bible verse for him is Ezra 7:10.

Adam Johnson

Fasting and Prayer in the Life of a Disciplemaker

Maybe you cringe at the thought of a day without food.  Feeling hungry, tired and even weak aren’t feelings many of us look forward to.  What is Christian fasting anyway?  And what role does fasting and prayer play in the life of a disciple of Jesus?  Come explore these questions and more as we discover together how this often over-looked spiritual discipline is a vital means by which God advances His purposes in and through the life of a disciplemaker.

Adam Johnson has served with The Navigators for 9 years. You’ll find Adam hanging out on campus with students from all over the world as the Director of the International Student Ministry at the University of Minnesota. He serves alongside his wife Melanie and two children Gabriel and Ezra.

Matt Kinnick

Disciplemaking in the Local Church

Do you have a desire and passion to see more disciplemakers raised up from your local church but are unclear as to how to go about it? Do you have questions about how to respect your local church’s leadership, mission, and vision while still serving as a disciplemaker in the church? If so, then this workshop is for you!

Join us as we study the Scripture surrounding the great commission, evangelism, disciplemaking, and the local church. We will endeavor to discern together some principles for effectively making disciples in the local church in a way that blesses the church leadership and the Body.

Matt Kinnick has been making disciples ever since he learned how to from The Navigators during his undergrad years at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Matt served on staff with The Navigators for 13+ years in collegiate ministry until recently becoming the Associate Pastor of Antioch Community Church in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is married to Lindsay and they have four wonderful children, one naughty cat, and five crazy chickens. They live in St Paul, Minnesota.

Colleen Klair

“Won’t You be My Neighbor”: Loving Your Neighbors as Yourself

Neighbors the people we live near, work with, and meet in daily life. Jesus said, we should love them as we love ourselves. How can we do that? In our neighborhoods today, many people don’t even know the people who live around them. This workshop is designed to encourage believers to use their individual gifts to help fulfill God’s greatest commandment, without pressure or guilt.

As a neighbor for more than 30 years, Colleen has learned about love, commitment, judging, prayer, patience and more. Raising three children provided numerous opportunities to engage with neighbors. Colleen met The Navigators in high school and continued her involvement with them at the U of MN and the community ministry. She has led numerous Bible studies and small groups. She also enjoys lunch with friends, biking, traveling, running, and just about anything with her family.


André LaTondresse

The Mystery of Forgiveness – What is it Really All About?

As believers we know the miraculous taste of God’s forgiveness and, with it, restored relationship with Him.  Yet how deeply do we really know it? Forgiveness is foundational to God’s love. It is one of the truly tangible ways we share God’s love with those around us.  It is the Gospel. And it is very, very hard – made more difficult because it is so misunderstood. Forgiveness is not about changing how I feel, but it will change how I feel.  It comes down to a decision. Come explore how Jesus, over and over, explains the love decision that unlocks forgiveness.

André placed His faith in the love of Jesus while a student at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities and got involved with The Navigators campus ministry.  He has had a life-long passion for sharing this love of Christ with those around him while raising a family and practicing architecture in the western suburbs. In the mid-nineties Andre and his wife, Barbara, with their two children, served as resident Navigator staff in Siberia, Russia. While there, God revealed His love in a way that gave new realization of what it means to love God, one’s self and others as ourselves.

Jason Robinson

Making Disciple Makers Through Sports & Fitness : Discipleship By Doing

Have you ever considered a court or health club as the new “coffee shop?” Discover how to use sports & fitness as a disciple making tool. Whether you’re reaching a fellow “weekend warrior” or the serious competitive athlete, you will learn how to use your favorite activity/sport to make disciples where you never thought you could.

Jason serves on the staff of The Navigators Collegiate Ministry at The University Of Minnesota. Jason has emphasized the call of 2 Timothy 2:2 to empower others who reproduce themselves. He has 25 years of experience building leaders and multicultural organizations from the deep south to the upper midwest. He also has a mentoring/discipling ministry known as “The SportMentor” that has invested in athletes and leaders around the world both in person and online.

Kathleen Selje

The Long View Each Day: Discipling Your Children to Follow Jesus for Life

Be inspired in your day-to-day discipling of your children through learning practical insights in Scripture and ideas through one another’s lives.  Come away with fresh encouragement in your call as a parent.
Ideally for parents and grandparents of kids 11 & under.

Kathleen Selje, Mom to 3 big kids (ages 20, 17 & 17), lives in Minneapolis and serves as Director of Kids Ministries at Christ Presbyterian Church where she partners with families to disciple kids as loving lifelong followers of Jesus. After earning a degree in Elementary Education, she invested in college students and 20s through the ministry of The Navigators across various campuses and cities for 20 years. In her free time, you may spot Kathleen skipping around a lake, singing a song, or eating some real good food with friends and family.

Tina Sobecki

How to Make the Most of Your Time Alone with God

This workshop is for any person wanting to grow in depth in their walk with the Lord. Whether you are just learning how to read the Bible on your own regularly, or if you have been having time alone with the Lord for years and are wanting to learn new methods to add diversity to your interactions with God, this workshop is for you!

Tina serves on staff with The Navigators at the University of Minnesota where she directs the Women’s Ministry and is passionate about seeing students thrive in their walks with the Lord. She enjoys trying out new coffee shops with her husband, Patrick, and exploring new places in the City. Tina came to know the Lord more deeply through The Navigators at the University of Colorado in Boulder. There she learned what it looks like to trust the Lord for the impossible, be in a two-way relationship with Him, and share her faith with those around her.

Yia Vang

Reflecting Christ’s Kingdom in Your Workplace or Business

Have you ever been asked if you’ve considered, “going into the ministry?” Have you wondered whether doing your part in the workplace really makes a difference? Well here’s the good news: you are in the ministry, and your work matters a whole lot to God and His kingdom! Often times in our Christian culture we make a distinction between doing God’s work, and all of the other jobs. The scriptures teach the opposite. Please join me for an encouraging discussion about growing God’s kingdom right where you work!

Vang was born in a Thai refugee camp, came to the United States at five years old, and eventually arrived in the Twin Cities as part of the largest urban Hmong population in the world. He has a background with CRU campus ministries but more recently the Lord has redirected him into the restaurant industry and the launch of Union Hmong Kitchen. Today he serves as a passionate, tireless, funny, and forgiving advocate for Hmong food as an expression of Hmong culture. In 2019 Mpls.StPaul Magazine honored Vang as its Chef of the Year!